Longest Lasting Most Reliable Shrink Wrap Systems on The Factory Floor

Extreme's plug & play infeeds and shrink wrap systems
provide maximum versatility for your applications

Success Story:

"We went from 3 shrink wrap machines and 3 operators to two (2) Extreme high speed machines and two (2) operators. In the process we saved 60K per year in production labor, 30K per year in maintenance labor and 80K per year in film savings.
Sr. Project Engineer, CSM Bakery


“Extreme shrink wrap machines have performed well, saved us money, and increased operation equipment efficiency. The machines run 24/7 all year round. I will buy another Extreme when the time comes to expand.”
Sr. Project Engineer, CSM Bakery

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Extreme Benefit Advantage

Extreme Packaging Machinery located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California is the leader in design and manufacture of high performance, low maintenance automatic shrink wrap machines, shrink tunnels, and automated infeed systems. Extreme is known for innovation and building machines that are the longest lasting most reliable shrink wrap systems on the factory floor. Our product category includes continuous motion wrappers, both side seal and lap seal models, rotary wrappers, shrink tunnels, and conveyors and infeeds.

Extreme's products are easy to use and operate, heavy duty, reliable, and high performance systems that can run 24/7. We have built numerous automated shrink wrap systems in a wide range of applications. Extreme has strong relationship with a nationwide network of packaging distributors that can meet your sales and service needs regardless of where you are located.

Extreme's mission is to provide the highest quality high performance automatic shrink wrap systems that exceeds your expectations and lower your overall packaging costs. All shrink wrap systems are built in the USA with quality components to give our customers the benefit of long lasting low maintenance machines.

Customized machines

Extreme's standard products can fit the needs of thousands of applications. Every wrapper is uniquely configured to fit your needs based on a detail review of your project. The RFQ process starts by filling out a data survey of your application. After a careful review of the data survey our engineering team configures a wrapper that is the best match for your needs.


  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Building supply