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Since 1990

Produce shrink wrap applications

Extreme Packaging builds high performance, low maintenance, low cost of ownership automated shrink wrap systems for a broad spectrum of vegetable packaging applications. In recent years vegetable shrink wrapping has become a popular packaging option with consumers, grocery chains, and membership stores. Potato, cucumber, broccoli, bell pepper and other vegetables come in many shapes and sizes which makes it challenging to shrink wrap them reliably. In one of our first customer applications in this market many years ago we worked with a potato grower to build a customized infeed system that could accommodate variations in potato shape and size for maximum reliability and wrapper performance. The success of this project led to many more vegetable shrink wrap applications including bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn on the cob and many more.

Vegetable shrink wrapping has become popular among retailers due to a number of benefits including:
>> prolonged shelf life
>> protection from the environment
>> convenient-to-prepare
In addition, advances in shrink film technology has made microwaveable films common in retail-ready vegetable packaging such as microwaveable shrink wrapped potatoes.

"We were looking for a machine supplier that we could trust and rely on to help us get the job done. Extreme designed a custom belt trough integrated with the Extreme infeed system, to hold the produce in place and accommodate shape variations. Prior to the purchase of our Extreme shrink wrap machine, we had a brand name machine from the competition. Extreme’s engineers worked diligently with us to get the project done successfully and were an integral part of the success of my business."
Sr. executive in fresh produce industry


  • Easy cleaning and removal of food debris
  • Single or multipacks
  • Manual or automated infeed
  • Versatility to accommodate a range of product sizes
  • Low maintenance, heavy duty construction for 24/7 operation
  • Optional servo rotary cross seal for 150+ ppm

Features Include
  • Servo motion control for superior precision and seal placement
  • Runs Polyolefin, PVC, LDPE and HDPE films
  • Optional stainless steel full washdown construction
  • Optional food grade belts and motors
  • Optional PackML compliant machine-to-machine communication
  • Optional integrated infeed, shrink wrapper, and tunnel HMI control