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LS Series

- Any Extreme wrapper model can be configured as a Lap Seal
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Zero film waste, maximum film savings

Extreme lap seal automatic wrappers offer lower film consumption and zero waste.  Lap sealers are ideal for applications where product size does not change frequently. Any Extreme wrapper can be configured as a lap seal. Lap seals use flat film pulled over a forming plow that matches a particular product size. The film is overlapped under the product and sealed by either a static or thermal process. Running different size products requires forming plows for each product.

  • Operate from the right or left-hand side
  • Configurable as AL, SAL, S, SR, XS, or XR series wrapper
  • Easy to use film cradle, can be loaded from either side of the wrapper
  • Conveniently located film centering hand wheels on both sides of the wrapper