Providing Automatic Shrink Wrap Solutions
Since 1990

Print, Publication Applications Video Gallery

Extreme has supplied print and publication markets with innovative high performance shrink wrap systems since 1990. Examples of applications include posters, journals, DVDs, books, magazines, catalogs and many other applications. Extreme wrappers can be integrated with friction feeders to provide versatile, reliable solutions  for more complex applications. For ultra high speed low profile print applications, the Extreme XR servo rotary is capable of 200+ ppm.

The video applications on this page are a sample of the many projects we have completed. Please contact us to review your specific needs.

XS24-dual chain infeed

Greeting cards

XS18-Compression belt to belt

DVD boxes

AL24-dual chain infeed

11"x11" Posters

Al18-dual chain infeed

Stacks of paper

AL24-dual chain infeed

24"x30" Posters

AL35-dual chain infeed

Poster on  paper tray

S24-dual chain infeed

Large posters

XS18 with 35 foot infeed @135 ppm

Invitation cards

S18-SBF servo belt to flight and center folder

Puzzle boxes